Website Inquiries

To report errors, ask questions or make comments relating to the web site, contact our webmaster.

Listserv Inquiries

To report errors and for any questions related to the listserv, contact our listserv administrator.

Membership Inquiries does not collect membership dues and there is no membership roster. We do not have elected officers.

Responsibility for Content

Christian Vogler, Webmaster
Gallaudet University
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
United States
202-651-5000 V/T

Submitting News

We will post announcements about conferences, employment opportunities, or other news items that are relevant to the mission of the Deaf Academics. If you are considering making a submission, contact the webmaster, with. the following:
  • The text of the announcement or news article. The text should ideally be concise and also be simple in its formatting. The text can include hyperlinks to other documents, such as to a more detailed job description stored on your university's or company's web server.
  • Your contact information. We will not post your e-mail address without your permission.

We can also include the following media:

  • Images. A single image of up to 275 x 275 pixels in size. The image should be a jpeg (for photographs) or png (for graphical artwork).
  • Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments.

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